Jun 23, 2017

Preschool Math Concepts and the Felt Board

Felt pieces on a flannel board provide young children visual cues for basic math. Many songs, poems and stories  teach math concepts such as number recognition, counting, matching as well as the introduction of adding and subtracting. By including mathematical concepts within the telling of a story or poem,  it will foster cognitive development within the young audience members.

Every time we have a felt story with numbers, we can ask children to count along, or ask open ended questions to encourage subtraction and addition. For example, "If I have five ladybugs all together, and one is on the felt board, how many are in my bag?" These type questions stimulate the minds of older preschool children.

There are so many felt stories and preschool songs with the number five. Next time you are telling the story, try including some math questions to challenge the children's minds: 

"If I have two on the board, and three in my bag, how many felt pieces do I have all together?' 

"I have four on the board, I will take one away, so how many will be left?" 

"Two felts make a pair. We have four all together, so how many pairs do we have?" 

And so on, and so on...

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