Jan 7, 2016

Felt Snowmen and Color Recognition

Felt Snowmen

These fun snowmen allow young children to decorate as well as match colors. It is a felt activity that is easy to make. After making templates of a snowman, hat and scarf, cut out five snowmen with different color clothes. The hat and scarf should match to allow children to experience color coordination with the activity. The snowmen can be decorated with eyes, carrot nose, smile and buttons. Try outlining the snowmen with crystal fabric paint for an extra touch. Here is a poem to attach to this felt activity:

Five little snowmen, on a winter's day.
The first one said, wake up so we can play
The second one said, let's stomp on the ground
The third one said, let's roll all around
The fourth one said, let's run and run and run
The fifth one said, I'm afraid I feel the sun
Oh dear, cried the snowmen
As they looked toward the sky
And the five melting snowmen
Waved a fond good bye

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