Apr 3, 2014

Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home: Ideas for the Felt Board

The other day I saw a ladybug while working with toddlers. My immediate reaction was positive and I wanted to show it to them.  Whenever I come upon a ladybug, particularly if it falls on me, I am always filled with such delight. I like ladybugs, always have. It's interesting to me that we have reactions towards bugs. Is it natural or are we taught to have those reactions based on stories, nursery rhymes, etc?
For instance,  Little Miss Muffet was scared by the spider who sat down beside her, and yet with ladybugs, we just want them to fly away home.

So, it's not surprising to me, that when making felts for the flannel board, that I created ladybugs. I like this set, because the leaf can be used as the backdrop and a felt board is not necessary.

Five Little Ladybugs
Five ladybugs with a leaf for their floor
One crawled away, and now there are four.
Four ladybugs left on a leaf
One climbed up a tree, and now there are three.
Three ladybugs wondering what to do.
One said goodbye, and now there are two.
Two ladybugs still having lots of fun,
When one had to leave, and now there is one.
One ladybug sitting all alone.
Finally flew home, and now there are none.

I also made this into a Felt Board Book: Please read the following blog entry for more information:
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