Nov 5, 2013

Bear Felt Board Stories

There are so many felt stories that include bears. The following entry provides a handle of suggestions, correlating well if carrying out a Bear theme with children.

Bear Story #1   

To begin with the classic, Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle. A great book for toddlers to encourage language development and to allow them opportunities to demonstrate which animals they can label. In addition, this story encourages color recognition.

Bear Felt Story # 2  

The Mitten by Jann Brett is such a fun story to include into a winter curriculum or a mitten theme. One great idea I once observed with a library visit was the story told with stuffed animals and a large woolen mitten!

Bear Felt Story #3  

Down by The Bay is a fun song/book which introduces rhyming with children. A great extension is to see whether children can create their own verses.

Bear Story #4   

To find a pattern on this book and further ideas for polar bears, visit my blog entry:  Polar Bears and Penguins


All about Bears  

This blog entry has a great song to sing about different bears 
Five Bears by Mel's Desk

Online Early Childhood Workshops with Circle of Ideas

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