Jun 24, 2013

Alternative to Plastic Toys? Felt Board Stories

There are many parents and caregivers who have chosen to not have or avoid plastic toys for their children. The reasons vary. For some, it is based on a principle to live a more sustainable lifestyle, to others it is a desire to have material that is more durable and long lasting and still some think that plastic and babies/toddlers should not be combined for safety/health reasons. Regardless of the reason, the goal can be challenging. Moreover, let's face it, the plastic toys are often easier on the wallet. Often the main alternative is wooden toys.

Felt Material is a Great Alternative to Plastic

Another great choice are felt board activities and stories. Felt board stories are not difficult to make by hand. In addition, there are many sites online where they can be purchased, including this one :) Furthermore, there are many ways to create felt boards.


Developmental Benefits to Felt Board Stories and Activities

Aside from the fact that felt material is durable, long lasting and soft to handle, playing with felts provides an open ended process fostering creativity and imagination within a child. Felt pieces promote language development and of course, storytelling whatever the form is a wonderful gift for children.

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