Nov 2, 2012

Five Little Owls Felt Board Poem

As the days are getting shorter, and the nights longer, a great theme for any early childhood setting is nightime. For a full article on this lesson plan, click here.

Here is a fun felt board poem for a nightime theme and the night sky works well as a felt background.

Five Little Fluffy Owls

Five fluffy owls, a branch as their floor
One flew into the dark
And then there were four
Four fluffy owls sitting in a tree
One flew towards the moon
And then there were three
Three fluffy owls, wondering what to do
One said goodbye my friends
And then there were two
Two fluffy owls, looking for some fun
One found a mouse to catch
And then there was one
One fluffy owl, eyes big and round
He soared into the sky
With stars all around.

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