Nov 22, 2012

Christmas Felt Board Poem

When I was working as a preschool teacher, my co-worker gave me a home made gift of felt pieces and a poem with all the staff's name inside. I thought it was so adorable, that I borrowed her idea.  Here is one of my versions.


Five Christmas Cookies with icing galore
Jenny ate the Christmas wreath
And now there are four.
Four Christmas cookies, sitting close to me.
Joey ate the star shaped one
And now there are three.
Three Christmas cookies, staring back at you.
Sally ate the red stocking
And now there are two.
Two Christmas cookies, one who likes to run.
Freddy ate that gingerbread
And now there is one.
One cookie left, let’s go to the store
And buy more ingredients
So we can bake some more.


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