Jun 30, 2012

Felt Board Activities Promote Language Development

Friday afternoon at 5pm, last day of work before holidays, and I am waiting for two young boys (one and two) to be picked up by their parents. It is just me and them left in the room.  I want to keep them busy with a special activity that will engage them while they are waiting. I decide to bring out the teacher's felts and individual felt boards. The ones I choose are printed pieces, not home made ones, which can be more realistic in their images.

Fruits & Nuts felt set for Flannel Board 18 large pieces

One boy is given the animals and the other is given fruit and vegetables. They are so happy. The two year old is using what words he knows to label each piece of felt. He methodically brings out each fruit and vegetable from its bag and places them on top of each other.

Whereas the one year old is choosing a felt piece, showing me each animal felt piece and waiting for animal clarification before placing the felt onto the felt board.

The activity was clearly promoting language development. Both boys were placing the pieces onto the boards with such concentration, the time quickly passed and before we knew it the parents arrived.

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