Jan 10, 2012

Making Felt Boards

The felt board creates the stage where children can play imaginatively and where the storyteller can display the pieces. There are many blogs that illustrate effectively how to make felt boards/ flannel boards. It can really be quite a simple process. When you make your own felt board, then you can decide how big and what kind to have. There are so many blogs, it was hard to decide which to link here in this post. Some are more easier than others. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to place felt material upright is to attach small magnets on the back of felt material and stick onto a fridge!

Here are a handle of links for making a variety of felt boards, photos are courtesy of each blog. Thank you wonderful bloggers:)

Adventures with Mimi
 This one is awesome.

   Placing felt into a frame

                                                                                 Smile and WaveIMG_0140

squidoo.com       (with pizza box)

celebratingtoday (with magnetic board)

the greenwife      (with foam paper)

                                                           cp travel board maya*made
My favorite! If only I could be this amazing.

Further reading: Basic Instructions for Making Felt Stories

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