Dec 29, 2011

Transportation Felt Board Activities

Transportation is a great theme for any early childhood setting. Visit my website for more information to add to this preschool topic.

Matching Color Activity
Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Cars are sleeping in their homes
Tired from the busy day
To the shops, and to the school
To the park, and to the pool
Cars are sleeping in their homes
Tired from a busy day

Number Recognition Activity

See the trains chugging chugging down the track
Engine in the front, caboose in the back
All the colors streaming past
This train’s going very fast

Dump Truck Activity

Each child receives a dumptruck in his hand, which he/she will bring to the felt board after providing an answer

Ten dump trucks all in a row. All filled with something and a place to go.

(Child's name) truck is filled with______, that's fine, and now there's only nine

Nine dump trucks all in a row. All filled with some
 thing and a place to go.

(Another child's) truck is filled with____, that's great, and now there's only eight.

Eight dump trucks...oh heaven and now there’s only seven

Seven dump trucks...what a mix and now there’s only six

Six dump trucks...are they alive? And now there’s only five

Five dump trucks ...ready to pour and now there’s only four

Four dump trucks...could it be? And now there’s only three

Three dump trucks ...what to do and now there’s only two

Two dump trucks ...weighing a ton and now there’s only one

One dump truck ...oh what fun and now there is none.

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  1. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. These are great ideas! Love the dumptruck rhyme/game/activity! Thanks for sharing.