Jan 10, 2019

Bird Preschool Theme and the Felt Board

Here's a trick...instead of recreating an entire new set of felts to match your Preschool theme or interest, look at your collection, and find the stories (or songs) with the interest inside. For example, if the theme is birds, indeed there are specific stories surrounding the bird as the main character such as...

But, there are also many songs and stories with bird characters inside. So, choose stories or songs, and emphasize the bird to match the current interest. For example, with the following felt pieces below, the Educator can ask  open ended questions to provoke concepts and learning, such as, "Which animals have wings? Which animal has feathers?"

The following images are felt pieces in my collection, along with links to blog entries providing more information:

Green Grass Grew All Around

Down By the Bay

Ten Little Yellow Ducks

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Penguins

Further Reading Suggestion: 

Ideas for a Preschool Bird Theme

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