Jun 9, 2012

Five Little Sailboats Felt Board Poem

Five Little Sailboats

To the tune of  Five Little Ducks

Five sailboats went out one day
Over the waves and far away
With the wind, they begin to rock
One sailboat returns to the dock

Four sailboats...

Further suggestion: use the numbers to teach number recognition

Five Little Sailboats

Five little sailboats went out one day
Into the ocean and far away
Over the waves the boats do rock
Two of the boats decide to dock

Three little sailboats in the sea
With the sun as happy as can be
Two of the sailboats want to stay
So anchors they drop, for the day

One sailboat left, away he goes
A gust of wind, it sure does blow
As he rides the waves up and down
All the way to another town!

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  1. @Christine...Love these ideas! Neat blog!

    (From a fellow Suite101er and a new WordPress blogger.)